Evan Goldstein, on the Ron Owens Show with over 1 million listeners, Friday, September 17, 2010, talking about wine preservation in the opened bottle.

Author: Perfect Pairing & Daring Pairing

There’s a couple of devices out there that work. There’s a brand new one out there that I just started playing with that I would really recommend. I actually think it’s the best one out there.

It’s a product called Wine Shield, and it’s this little…. little disk that’s essentially food grade plastic that comes in a little package, that… dare I say it, looks a little like a condom.

You open it up and just twist the thing in, and it floats down to the bottom and, sits like a little seal on the top of your wine and it’s actually better, believe it or not than the air preservation systems – whether it’s the spargeing systems or the vacuum type systems – costs about 30c per unit, but it will literally hold the wine brilliantly for about 45 days without any change whatsoever. It’s the one I’m most high on right now.

You buy them in packets of 710, something like that. You can get them at some fine wine stores – and they have a website wineshield.com and they direct you to a retailer.

I highly advocate it. If it’s an expensive bottle of wine, it keeps it better, integritywise than anything I’ve worked with.

Vineco Marked
Vineco Marked