Emily Wines, Master Sommelier - forteller hvorfor hun bruker WS på 45 hoteller


Emily Wines, Master Sommelier 

Wine Director, Kimton Hotels, Cort of Master Sommelier

At Kimpton Hotels we have 45 restaurants across the country, each serving 25+ wines by the glass. By the glass wines are a feature that’s really important to our concept.

It’s important that the wines are fresh and represent the highest quality.

When I encountered the Wine Shield, I was skeptical at first – and tested it, and that was all it really took. After a week testing it with two different wine preservation methods, I was convinced.

The Wine Shield allowed the integrity of the wine to remain. It is the best method because you can see that it has been used – versus gas, vacuum methods. 

It has really helped our bottom line on wine by the glass pours – allowing us to keep the wine from 2 days before to now 4 days.

Vineco Marked
Vineco Marked