Winestate Magasin ved Peter Jackson gir Wine Shield toppscore!

Winestate Magasin, Peter Jackson var nok en gang veldig fornøyd med Wine Shield  i 2011 WineState Australia & New Zealand Wine of the Year awards

Winestate Magazine conducted the 2011 Australian and NZ Wine of the Year Finals during the week 4-7 October 2011 in Adelaide culminating in a Subscriber Tasting at Australia’s National Wine Centre.

The wines judged were the Top 400 from over 11,000 wines submitted. These Top 400 had been awarded the 5 star Gold or 4.5 star Silver Medals during the year.

Wines were sampled by judges then protected with the “Wine Shield” for the duration of the week leading up to the tasting at the National Wine Centre. At the Subscriber tasting (after the wines had been protected by Wine Shield for up to 4 days) the 200 guests (including over 100 wine professionals) enjoyed the wines with no negative comments noted. 

Again, Wine Shield has proven to be an incredibly cheap, simple and reliable wine preservation system!

Les pressemeldingen her!

Vineco Marked
Vineco Marked