Chicago Sun-Times har intervjuet interviewed Aaron Snyder, USA distribution partner for Wine Shield



As part of their National Restaurant Association convention coverage, the Chicago Sun-Times interviewed Aaron Snyder, CEO of From the Source LLC and USA distribution partner for Wine Shield

One area that’s booming is wine “preservation.” No one, least of all restaurants, wants to waste wine. Still, restaurants end up pouring out between 5 and 15 percent of their wine, said Aaron Snyder of Wine Shield.
While other companies displayed sleek, temperature-controlled wine preservation and dispensing machines, which can cost as much as $20,000, Snyder, of Las Vegas, presented a lower-tech and, he said, more effective option. The flexible Wine Shield, made of a food-grade material, acts as a floating lid inside the open bottle, preventing oxidation and keeping wine tasting fresh for five days – and even longer for refrigerated white wines.

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