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Prominent wine blogger and industry expert Jeff Lefevere of published this review of Wine Shield at his portal:

Using two bottles of an identical red blend (the appropriately called HOUSE WINE from The Magnificent Wine Company), I put a half bottle under the Wine Shield for five days and tasted it against a freshly opened bottle.

Color me surprised. I’m an avowed Vacuvin and refrigeration guy, so the notion of keeping a bottle of wine out on the countertop created more than a hint of skepticism. Yet, five days later not only was the wine preserved by the Wine Shield perfectly potable, but I’d dare say that is had imperceptible levels of degradation. It merely tasted as if it had been nicely decanted next to the freshly opened bottle. The nose was still delightfully intact, the fruit was abundant and the tannins had softened to a smooth, fine grain.

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