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Wine Spektator siden1983: Først som Managing Director, så Executive Editor og nå Editor at Large.

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...What is the best way to keep an opened bottle of wine if you can’t finish it all in one sitting?
So far the arguments over what works have centered on several techniques, all designed to protect the wine from exposure to air, because it’s the oxygen in the headspace inside the bottle that robs a wine of its freshness.
A new product looks like a workable solution – at least my few experiments with it have proved successful. It’s called the Wine Shield.

At first I had a problem getting the shield to flop onto the surface, but once I got the technique down, it worked fine.

I tried the Wine Shield on three bottles – a Washington Riesling under cork, an Oregon Pinot Noir And an Australian Shiraz under twist‐off caps. I tasted a glass and poured off some more wine to leave a half‐filled bottle.

After about an hour, I applied the disks and stoppered the bottles. Four days later, all the wines tasted exactly as I described in my original notes.

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