Code38 - Professional Wine Knife

Vineco er eneimportør av Code38 til Skandinavia. Vi er alltid interessert i å komme i kontakt med flere partnere som kan ta dette fantastiske produktet ut i markedet.

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When I sat down to design the Code38 I wanted it to be more than just another corkscrew. I wanted to create something that you’d love and keep forever. I’ve taken great care and consideration to match the passion that has gone into the making of the wine. From the outset the Code38 was designed for the professional and it will easily open many thousands of bottles without skipping a beat.




Her finner du priser og detaljer om de ulike Code38 modellene

Take a closer look at the Code38: A body formed to fit your hand, intuitive single-handed blade extension with a plain blade style designed to give a clean foil cut; the custom French made helix so precise it cuts a single path through the cork creating the highest level of grip and the least amount of displacement to the cork (which allows the Code38 to perform so well on those older more fragile corks); a robust pivot system; and a single action mechanism to allow a smooth and seamless action to remove the cork.
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A number of gift packaging options are available to suit your individal requirements and range from our Classic Trade Pack through to the Sommelier Pack. It's here! – Professional wine service belt holster which has been hand crafted in heavy duty black leather and allows a quick draw of the Code38. Personalise the Code38 to make it truly yours or a more special gift. We run this service in-house so that in most cases it can be done on the same day. Select this option during checkout.

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