Label Skin® : life insurance for wine labels

A damaged label can almost halve the value of a

Grand Cru and even make it unsaleable    

The label is an essential part of a bottle of wine. The value of a Grand Cru is largely dependent upon it. Much valued by collectors, it is the subject to the very greatest care by wineries. However, unlike the bottle which keeps the wine for years, the label deteriorates rapidly. When stored in a cellar it is subject to damage from dampness, dust and insect attacks.    

Whether in the sales room or private transaction, a damaged label can cause the market price to drop by 40% or more when valued. A bottle with a damaged label is virtually unsaleable on the Asian markets.  

Vigne Vin, Paris, Francehave invented Label Skin® to put an end to this problem.  Label Skin® is a high performance, electrostatic vinyl film that fully protects labels from dampness, scuffs and insects with no effect on the aesthetics of the bottle.

Label Skin® is flexible, transparent and adhesive-free. It is easy to apply* and leaves no residue on the bottle after removal.  

Label Skin® offers both professionals and collectors the chance to protect their investment. For a very modest price they can remove the financial risk represented by wine label damage during storage.
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* Label Skin® is currently adapted for use on Bordeaux format bottles. Adaptations for other formats such as Burgundy and Champagne are available to order.